TBH IRL I am a ADHD SAHM who IMHO has 3 amazing children and an incredible OTP husband living in YYC. DAE feel totally confused by all these weird acronyms? SMH…..

TBH: to be honest

IRL: in real life
ADHD: attention deficit hyperactive disorder
SAHM: stay at home mom
IMHO: in my honest opinion
OTP: one true pairing
YYC: Calgary
DAE: does anyone else
SMH: shakes my head
(and no. we aren’t actually driving in the picture above)
You know when you hear that song begin to play and you slowly look up and say “this is my JAM!” (or at least the nerdy side of me does although not out loud, – ok maybe sometimes) well this blogging thing isn’t my jam. Or my song. Or my thing. I am using pick a find keyboard skills that would make my elementary computer teachers cringe. Sitting still this long makes my brain ache and my hands can’t seem to type the speed my brain is flying at. But here I am. Attempting and writing from the heart and soul of what I love and think I know (but probably don’t). Accept the tears, and the shame and stay for the laughter and terrible jokes. If anything I say should spark any type of emotion (good, bad or ugly) then THAT I can get on board with. To begin more real conversation in a world that needs more UMPH; now THAT’S my JAM. (I totally said that out loud FYI)


  1. Karen · September 13, 2016

    Thank you for the article about depression.

  2. Rose · September 13, 2016

    Excellent article about depression. I felt guilty for a long time about lack of empathy for my sister’s lifelong battle with depression, which included most of the symptoms of which you have written. Not truly understanding the state myself, my occasional acts to help usually turned into ugly affairs. So I become tired, bored, and frustrated with the whole situation. It took me some time to understand the difference between sympathy and empathy. But I know it now.

    • Desperate to be a housewife · September 13, 2016

      Me too. Me too. I never understood until she died – I have so many things I could have done different – I try so hard to have empathy with those around me now struggling

  3. Bob · September 13, 2016

    Your article about depression was touching and insightful. I hope those who have friends or family with depression get an understanding of what depression’s really like. No, you can’t “snap out of it” any more than you can “snap out” of needing glasses or missing a limb. Good job.

    • Desperate to be a housewife · September 13, 2016

      Thank you! Sigh. It is such a crazy ride learning to live and love someone with depression – it sounds like we had some similarities in our journey. I wish I had known more in the moment – thank you for commenting

  4. DeWitt · September 14, 2016

    Your article: “I Never Understood Depression Until My Mother Died From It” is extraordinarily insightful — you nailed it. Thank you for articulating it so well.

    Walnut Creek, CA, USA

  5. Mama · September 27, 2016

    Wow!! I to have ADHD, & also depression, anxiety, & OCD!! It’s a full time job!! I’m also a wife & stay at home mom!! I grew up with a very erratic, depressed & most of all angry mother!! It makes you angry, but I too, refuse to be that kind of mom!! I’m proud I’ve never slapped my child across the room or slammed him into a wall!! THE CYCLE STOPS WITH ME!! I have a great relationship with my son, who’s now a teenager!! And, that awful women who gave birth to me, I haven’t seen or spoke to in almost 20yrs. & I couldn’t be happier!! She ruined my childhood, but not my adulthood!! You keep being strong, a little crying in the bathroom never hurt anybody & I should know, I’ve been doing it for years!! God bless!!

  6. John · October 2, 2016

    re: the article about your mom and depression

    thank you

  7. Patti · October 3, 2016

    I usually click on article and skim through but yours grabbed me. I’ve struggled with depression, I have two kids, 5 & 2. My mother was depressed. I fear for my kids that they will have it. But I fight as hard as I can. I struggle to remind my husband of empathy, it’s a hard thing to explain. And I don’t blame him, it does get exhausting I know. I had no idea my mother was des pressed until I grew up and experienced it for myself. So much made sense. I too wish I had empathy for her during her phases of laying in bed but I had no idea. Your words were beautiful! I will share them. Thanks so much again!

    • Desperate to be a housewife · October 3, 2016

      @patti. First off your strength is inspiring. Being a mother is hard enough; then throw depression in the mix and it’s a whole new game – with no rules. Oh empathy – it’s such a simple yet complicated thing that I had zero idea about until she died. It breaks my heart to see others struggle but when we know better we do better – and clearly your already doing better. Thank you for sharing – and for being strong

  8. Vanessa Noble · July 3

    Reading your article about anger and your mom hit close to home. Too close. It was like someone had lived my life and was writing about it. Thank you for putting your trials and shortcomings into words to help guide the rest of us who lived a similar upbringing and are trying to protect our children from the demons that follow. You’ve gained a follower and a fellow friend from the trenches. ❤

    • Sigh. I’m sorry you had a similar experience. But thankful you found truth in those words. Holy hell is it hard to face those demons; in yourself and your parent hey? I’m in awe of your courage to share your own struggles and value your insight – thabknyou

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